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Why the shortage of cloud architects will lead to bad clouds
There seems to be more cloud construction projects than there is talent to support them. That could spell real trouble

Designing and building cloud computing-based systems is nothing like building traditional applications and business systems. Unfortunately, many in IT find that out only when it's too late. The complexities around multitenancy, resource sharing and management, security, and even version control lead cloud computing startups -- and enterprises that build private and public clouds -- down some rough roads before they start to learn from their mistakes. Or perhaps they just have to kill the project altogether as they discover all that investment is unsalvageable. more...

an image Outsourcers are Criticized on Visa Use
Major outsourcing companies from India have been the biggest recipients of visas in recent years under a program intended to allow American companies to bring highly skilled foreign workers temporarily to the United States, an immigration scholar testified Thursday before a House of Representatives judiciary panel. more...

Labor Shortage Persists in Some Fields
There are nearly 14 million people looking for a job, but few have the skills to fill the four computer engineering openings at Gowalla Inc.

The Austin, Texas-based start-up, which competes with FourSquare Inc. in location-based social networking, hopes to add the programmers to its 27-person staff, but finding applicants with the right skills is a challenge, said Gowalla Chief Executive Josh Williams. "Most people we want are employed somewhere already. We don't get a lot of applications coming in," he said. more...

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