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"Howard Systems International - Gap Analysis"
Have you ever had a project that took longer than planned? Or implemented with major problems and errors? Or failed to be implemented at all? Every company has experienced issues like these. Many CIO’s have pondered the questions of “What’s wrong? and What can I do about it?” but only a few ever determine how to really get started, what to fix, how to measure the success of their plans and actions.

an image Howard Systems has helped many clients to get their hands around their own unique situations and define the steps necessary to achieve the goal of increased productivity. Our approach employs a simple but effective five step process in which we deploy a senior consultant, or team of them, to come into an organization and partner with key members of the client’s management group and form the core team. After an intense fact-finding session and agreement on roles and responsibilities the core team:

  • Defines and prioritizes the challenge(s) you need to tackle
  • Identifies the baseline---where you are right now
  • Identifies your goals---where you want to be and in what timeframe
  • Identifies the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Determines the means for bridging the gap (staff, processes, costs, metrics, etc.)
In today’s economy an IT executive needs to reach the highest possible level of productivity, and stay up there while reducing or at least minimizing any increase in their operating costs. Employees generally want to do more, contribute more to their company but can’t initiate meaningful change or create sustainable performance improvements—the gap is just too wide to accomplish meaningful results. Howard Systems can help you get there through higher productivity that delivers a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Get started now with the best in class---Howard Systems.

During the past three years ASA’s development and support team went from a handful to 150 employees and contractors in Greensboro and 40 in Rolling Meadows, IL. Throughout this period the QA team was 100% supplied and managed by Questcon
-Jeff Mealin, President, Mealin & Associates