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Howard Systems International, Inc.
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Howard Systems International
Corporate Headquarters
2777 Summer Street
Stamford, CT 06905

Phone: (800) 326-4860
Fax: (203) 324-7722
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"Howard Systems International - Testimonials"

Considering our professional relationship with Howard Systems, which now spans 18 years - it has been one of a trusted longtime associate.
- A multinational consumer goods company

The attention to detail and seemingly endless supply of high quality technical professionals make you an obvious go-to choice.  I continue to use HSI as my sole-source technical staffing provider.
- A global industrial power provider

I have been a consummate user of your services for the past six years across three regions.  I've always looked to HSI for my technology staffing needs and will continue to do so wherever I may go.
- A global finance solutions company

I know that when an individual is presented by you that the person will fit my needs both technically and professionally. I know I can trust what you say and know you maintain a strong professional ethic - two rare qualities today.
- A leading health insurance provider

HSI has provided many highly qualified professionals who fit not only our technical needs but also our business environment.  Without hesitation I recommend HSI as an excellent source of consulting services.
- A venerable retail brand

I am writing this letter as a recommendation of HSI to any company needing full flexibility, quick but thoughtful response and sensitivity to its business and technical needs.
- A large regional heath care organization

Over the years Howard Systems has patiently listened to our requirements and responded with qualified candidates.  HSI personnel have been courteous and professional in every situation and responded to our new requirements enthusiastically
- A global pharmaceutical research company

One of the most important factors is the ongoing follow up you provide to ensure my requirements are being met
- A global financial services organization

I am very confident in Howard Systems' ability to provide me with high quality candidates that meet my department's requirements while blending into [our] challenging corporate environment
- A leading telecommunications company