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Howard Systems International, Inc.
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Howard Systems International
Corporate Headquarters
2777 Summer Street
Stamford, CT 06905

Phone: (800) 326-4860
Fax: (203) 324-7722
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"Howard Systems International - Employment"
Howard Systems International, Inc. (HSI) has cultivated a broad client base across diverse vertical industries. This has let HSI give an image our consultants the opportunity to experience multiple technologies and environments vs. the limited exposure other business environments provide.

We have always held the belief that our employees are our most important asset, which is why HSI provides a positive employment experience to our consultants through a prodessional support team of engagement and training managers and HR specialists who provide mutual benefits to both our consultant and the company. This community fosters a true sense of support and belonging, giving our consultants greater career satisfaction and quality of life.

If you enjoy a challenge, like to know you’ve made an impact and want to build a powerful resume, Howard Systems should be the next stop on your trip up the ladder of success. Our sales team has built the long term relationships with the top corporations in the country. These are working partnerships that give us a privileged position in the acquisition of talent to fill the critical needs of our clients. These are relationships that open the door to career-building assignments for our employees.

If you are ready for creativity and flexibility in your career, then:
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Technology is like a fish. The longer it stays on the shelf, the less desirable it becomes.
-Andrew Heller